Natural latex blow-up balloons are one of the simplest, yet most loved past-times for children. With 100{8a2076e068237f3231df372ce7005dc5595065b644d4893bd5273c5643296413} Italian production guaranteed: quality, assorted sizes, colours and formats are our strong point. Round blow-up balloons are available in different diameters to satisfy all needs:

– beginning from WATER BALLOONS, coloured and fun – a must-have for the summer. Available in lots of different formats, including with a special mini-pump making it possible to fill the balloons with non-running water, like sea water;

– various diameters: 14 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm, 30 cm, 38 cm, all sizes are available in different formats and in lots of colours, upon request either plain coloured or multicoloured.

By selecting the most popular items, we have created displays for balloons and balloon formats: floor, plastic, decorated cardboard, bench-top displays and practical hanging strips, helping our retailers to showcase our different formats and encourage parents and children to buy balloons.
We also offer various balloon sets in different formats for specific events such as Halloween, balloons for New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day, or balloon sets for true sports fans, who must always bear the colours of their favourite team. These balloon sets, whilst thematic and therefore tied to specific events, are also guaranteed in a range of different formats.

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